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Y the Last Man – Vol. 3 One small step TP

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New tpb – retail 14.99 – Vol.3 One Small Step (11-17; a Pia Guerra, José Marzan, Jr., Paul Chadwick). [From DC Comics: The Men Who Fell to Earth Yorick Brown, the only human male to survive a global sex-specific plague, may not be unique for much longer. As he makes his way across the remains of America (together with a secret government agent, a cloning specialist, and the only other male mammal to survive, Ampersand the monkey), the last man on Earth is about to have an unexpected visitation from above: Three astronauts are descending from the exhausted International Space Station, and two of them are men. Risking reentry in a creaky Soyuz capsule is dangerous enough, especially when a fatal disease may still be waiting on the ground. But this trio of spacefarers is also heading directly into an international showdown over who will control the world’s supply of males – and there’s no guarantee that any of them will survive the crossfire.]

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