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New TPB – Retail 24.95 – The Origin of Generation X (Uncanny X-Men 316-317; X-Men 36-37; X-Factor 106; X-Frce 38; Excalibur 82; Wolverine 85; Cable 16; Generation X 1). [From Marvel Comics: In the dark recesses of the galaxy waits an alien race. More machine than organic, they seek out inferior races which they can assimilate. They are called the Phalanx, and they have just targeted Earth as their next meal. Humanity is helpless against the onslaught of the assimilation the Phalanx brings. Those creatures that are genetically different (termed: mutants) possess the ability to defend themselves against the Phalanx. Of these, the group known as the X-Men present the greatest threat to the Phalanx’s plans for domination. Through means of assimilation, subterfuge and incursion, the Phalanx have prepared a preemptive strike against the X-Men. Armed with this knowledge, the X-Men have launched a desperate strike of their own to find seven fledgling mutants — all that stand between the Phalanx and victory. Gifted youngsters, untrained in their powers. Earth’s last hope. The next generation of mutantkind… enter Generation X.]

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