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New HC (49.99) – World’s Finest Comics Archive 2 (86-101; w Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger, Dave Wood; a Dick Sprang, Curt Swan, Stan Kaye, Ray Burnley, Charles Paris). [From DC Comics: Imagine your two favorite heroes—Superman and Batman—together in one exciting adventure after another! After battling crime separately for over a decade, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight (along with Robin, the Boy Wonder!) joined forces in the pages of WORLD’S FINEST COMICS to become the world’s greatest super-team! Now more of their early adventures together are featured in WORLD’S FINEST COMICS Volume 2—a 216-page hardcover by writers Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger and Dave Wood, and featuring the artistic talents of Dick Sprang, Curt Swan, Stan Kaye, Ray Burnley, and Charles Paris, with an introduction by noted comics writer/editor Tom Peyer (THE AUTHORITY, HOURMAN). The most powerful being in the universe teamed with a two-fisted costumed detective wasn’t the most logical pairing of heroes (unless you considered sales figures!). But if these stories lacked anything in believability, they more than made up for it in sheer fun and excitement! Presented in Volume 2 are sixteen super team-ups from WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #86-101—including the 1958 classic “The Origin of the Superman/Batman Team.” Other tales include: Batman and Robin with super-powers and Superman with none; the mysterious Lightning-Man; Luthor teaming with the Joker to bedevil our heroes; a super-powered Batwoman; Superman dumping his former partners to join up with the enigmatic Powerman; Robin’s becoming the boss of Superman and Batman; and much more!]

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