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Wonder Woman – Vol.3 Beauty and the Beasts


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New tpb – retail 19.99 – vol.3 Beauty and the Beasts (15-19, Action Comics 600; w George Pérez, John Byrne and Len Wein; a George Pérez, John Byrne). [From DC Comics: After facing a threat of World War and a dangerous “challenge from the gods,” Diana – dubbed Wonder Woman by the media – is finally ready to deliver her message of peace to the world. But peace is not something the Amazing Amazon will find for herself, as a host of new threats comes her way. First, the beautiful but deadly Silver Swan is on a destructive rampage in Boston. Then Wonder Woman teams up with Superman to face the almighty Darkseid. Finally, Diana and friends travel to Greece where the mysterious evil of Circe and her magical beasts await!]

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