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Wonder Woman – Vol.1 Gods and Mortals


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New tpb – retail 19.99 – vol.1 Gods & Mortals (1-7; w George Pérez, Greg Potter, Len Wein; a George Pérez). [From DC Comics: Following his unforgettable work on CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, George Pérez revitalized the world’s most famous super-heroine with his spectacular run on WONDER WOMAN. Now the start of that run is collected in WONDER WOMAN: GODS AND MORTALS! GODS AND MORTALS collects WONDER WOMAN #1-7, written by Pérez, Greg Potter and Len Wein, with art by Pérez & Bruce Patterson. This volume, which features a new cover and introduction and rare art by Pérez, includes the young Amazon’s origin and her introduction to “Man’s World.” But before she has a chance to fully assimilate into her new home, Wonder Woman must battle the chaos of the Greek god Ares, as he plans to bring about World War III!]

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