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Wolverine – Snikt!


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New tpb – retail 13.99 – Snikt! (5-issue mini; w & a Tsutomu Nihei). [From Marvel Comics: He’s the best there is… on any world. While walking in New York City, Wolverine is approached by a young girl who mysteriously knows his name. She declares that her people need his help, and abruptly grabs his hand. Before he has a chance to ask her what’s she talking about, they are both pulled into a vortex of time and space. Logan suddenly finds himself in an apocalyptic wasteland that may or may not be Earth, and is instantly forced to defend himself against terrifying, cybernetic creatures known as the Mandate. Japanese superstar Tsutomu Nihei tells a story of the X-Men’s most lethal member, alone in a barren wasteland, as he devolves further and further into his true, savage, berserker state. The key to Logan maintaining a link to his humanity may lie with the mysterious young girl.]

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