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Wolverine – Ledgends vol.6 – Marc Silvestri


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New TPB – Retail 19.99 – W. Legends: Marc Silvestri (31-34, 41-42, 48-50; w Larry Hama; a Marc Silvestri). [From Marvel Comics: Before Top Cow & Witchblade, artist Marc Silvestri rose to comics’ superstardom during his legendary and sales record-breaking run on WOLVERINE and UNCANNY X-MEN. Now having made his triumphant return to NEW X-MEN, energizing his fans and finding legions of new ones, Marvel offers a new collected edition of some of his best Wolverine stories, highlighting a benchmark in the career of one of comics’ top artists and a run of one of the industry’s best-selling titles! Watch Wolverine take on the drug-crazed Japanese Yakuza, face down a legendary Canadian monster and uncover secrets of the mysterious Weapon X program, culminating in a battle with a cyborg version of himself!]

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