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The Man with the Golden Gun


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New oversized tpb – retail 16.99 – The Man with the Golden Gun (+ The Living Daylights; w Jim Lawrence, Ian Fleming; a Yaroslav Horak). [From Titan Books: Titan Books are proud to present the return of the world’s greatest secret agent in these library collections of classic newspaper strips first serialized in the Daily Express! Ian Fleming’s James Bond is back! Brainwashed, Bond becomes a lethal weapon aimed at his boss, M, who has problems of his own: a killer whose artistry is matched only by his sadism, using pistols of gold to assassinate British agents. When Bond’s mission to kill M fails, he has only one shot at redemption, a suicide mission against the deadliest assassin of them all: Francisco Scaramanga – The Man With the Golden Gun. This collection also includes The Living Daylights, which finds a melancholy Bond facing another sharpshooter – a KGB sniper. Set across the jagged scar of the Berlin Wall, Bond’s finger is on the trigger… and into his sights walks a beautiful blonde musician!]

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