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The Buzz & Darkdevil Digest


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New digest – retail 7.99 – The Buzz & Darkdevil (Digest; The Buzz 1-3, Darkdevil 1-3; w Tom DeFalco; a Ron Frenz). [From Marvel Comics: When crime, cults, and clones collide, the result is Darkdevil, son of one great Marvel hero and heir to another! Peer into the future’s past to see Spider-Girl’s ill-mannered mentor face the mortal machinations of the Kingpin and the more mystical ones of Zarathos, one-time Ghost Rider! But the bold and bombastic Buzz has no time for legacies when he sets his brand-new super-suit against Doctor Octopus and his latest student! Twin tales of Spider-Girl’s strongest allies and harshest critics, guest-starring the one true Spider-Girl herself! ]

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