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New HC (49.99) – Superman Archives 4 (Superman 13-16; w Jerry Siegel; a Joe Shuster). [From DC Comics: He was the model on which all who followed him was based. He is the foundation on which an entire genre was built and an industry was born. He is one of the most recognizable heroic figures in the world. He is Superman, the fabled Man of Steel. Since his “birth” in 1938, Superman has gone on to star in radio, in syndicated newspaper comic strips, numerous comic book titles, a pair of movie serials, five motion pictures, three television programs, and several animated cartoon series. This familiar figure or his distinct “S”-shield has appeared on everything from toys to school lunch pails, on kids’ pajamas to adult-sized Halloween costumes. But it was on the printed page that the Man of Steel first achieved fame, where millions of readers and fans the world over came to know and love the last son of Krypton. Superman’s fame was such that another comics feature, The Spectre, appearing in More Fun Comics, was billed as being “written by Jerry Siegel, creator of the record-breaking Superman” in a full-page advertisement… this at a time when most comic book creators labored in anonymity.]

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