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Stormwatch: Team Achilles 2


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – Stormwatch: Team Achilles 2 (7-12; w Micah Ian Wright; a Whilce Portacio, C. P. Smith & Bill Sienkiewicz). [From DC Comics: Created and funded by the United Nations, Stormwatch: Team Achilles is a group of highly trained human operatives armed with the latest weaponry and gadgets and given a mission: to police the world’s growing superhuman population! STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES Volume 2 is a hard-hitting trade paperback collecting issues #7-11 of the critically acclaimed series written by Micah Ian Wright and featuring the artistic talents of Whilce Portacio, Mark Texeira, Tomm Coker, C.P. Smith, Sal Regla, and Bill Sienkiewicz. This volume also features a stunning new cover by Portacio. Led by former Black Razor Ben Santini and featuring an international cast, Volume 2 contains five gritty tales of hard-edged military fiction with political undertones, each spotlighting a different team member. Don’t miss the introduction of slithery Senator Sonny Terns, the tragic story of Finnish superhuman Holocaust, a guest appearance by THE AUTHORITY’s Midnighter, the return of a classic Stormwatch character, the death of a Team Achilles team member, and much more!]

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