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New TPB – Retail 19.99 – Spider-Girl (0-8; w Tom DeFalco; a Pat Olliffe & Al Williamson; Ron Frenz & Bill Sienkiewicz). [Spider-Girl 0 reprints a story from What If? vol. 2, 105. From Marvel Comics: Pity poor Peter Parker. Not because of the loss of his leg. Not because the once friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was forced into retirement. Not because he lost his final battle against the Green Goblin. Pity Parker because now his daughter, May, is about to follow in her father’s footsteps, no matter where they lead—up walls, across ceilings on moving vehicles—while fighting enemies Peter Parker thought he had gotten rid of long ago! Turns out, the only thing Spider-Man is better at than fighting crime is worrying about his daughter, the all-new, all-amazing Spider-Girl! “Mayday” Parker is here. And these are her first 9 adventures collected here in one book for the very first time. Featuring the writing of Tom DeFalco, long considered one of Spider-Man’s definitive writers, and Pat Olliffe, featuring the next generation of Marvel’s heroes for a new generation of fans.]

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