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New tpb – retail 8.95 – vol1 [Untitled] (3-issue mini; a Brian Hurtt). [From Oni Press: Before Paul Crocker was head of British Intelligence’s special section, he paid his dues as an agent in the field. After an attempt to extract a political refugee from Berlin ends in colossal failure, Crocker is immediately sent to carry out a similar assignment in Prague. Racked by guilt and shame, this time he is determined to succeed at all costs. Leaving his new wife and the quiet home they dream of behind, Crocker commits himself to the double-edged world of espionage once and for all. Declassified provides a unique look back at the beginnings of one of the most popular characters in the award-winning Queen & Country comic book series, written by novelist Greg Rucka (A Fistful of Rain). Illustrated by Queen & Country alumni Brian Hurtt (Gotham Central, Three Strikes), this volume illuminates the past of espionage of planting seeds for the future of Queen & Country.]

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