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Preacher – Vol.6 War in the Sun


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New tpb – retail 17.99 – vol.6 War in the Sun (34-40; a Steve Dillon; Peter Snejbjerg). [From DC Comics: God has quit mankind.. But Reverend Jesse Custer doesn’t intend to let him off the hook so easily. His search for the Almighty brings him to Arizona, where all he’s looking forward to is a little quiet, hallucinogenic soul-searching to assist in his quest. What he finds is an armored regiment of the U.S. Army, commandeered by Herr Starr, Allfather of the Grail, whose goal it is to capture Custer and his traveling companions—his girlfriend Tulip and best friend, the Irish vampire Cassidy—to aid in his own schemes and plans. Jesse may have the Word at his command… but Starr has all the resources of the U.S. government at his—including its nuclear arsenal. This latest collection escalates the conflict between Jesse Custer and Herr Starr to an explosive peak that winds up costing everybody some part of their body or soul.]

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