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Preacher – Vol.5 Dixie Fried ***OOP***


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – vol.5 Dixie Fried (27-33). [From DC Comics: New Orleans. Home of the blues, Cajun cooking… and Voodoo. That’s the next stop in Reverend Jesse Custer’s quest to confront God himself, where Custer hopes to rediscover long-buried clues to the Almighty’s whereabouts. Along for the ride are Tulip, his straight-shooting girlfriend, and Cassidy, the hard-drinking Irish vampire. Of course, nothing on this road trip comes off quite as planned. Cassidy told Tulip he’s in love with her. So, Tulip isn’t talking to Cassidy. And the voodoo priest who’s helping Jesse on his quest hates Cassidy. Also, there’s an entire cult of depraved blood-worshippers out to kill the lot of them. Then, there’s the strange return of the man called Arseface…]

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