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Poison Elves – Parintachin TP ***OOP***


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New tpb – retail 9.99 – Parintachin (3-issue mini; w Drew Hayes, The Fillbach Brothers; a The Fillbach Brothers). [From Sirius Entertainment: Inside the mind of Lusiphur, Elvin assassin extraordinaire, lies a dream world built on writhing tentacles and sun-baked deserts. But more than mere idle thoughts call this surreal landscape home. A skull-faced jester traverses the deepest recesses of the rogue’s subconscious, the devilish imp Parintachin! A killer clown sworn to protect his host’s sanity, the lovable imp longs for only one thing in all the world: companionship. But be careful what you wish for! When a sinister sideshow rolls into town bent on stealing Luse’s memories, Parintachin alone stands a chance at saving him… if only he could keep his eyes off the feisty female imp, Charzin. This sexy demon-dame might be a little too much for our hero to handle! A perfect blend of mirth and the macabre, Poison Elves: Parintachin explores the power, desires, loneliness, and devotion of Lusiphur’s most madcap friend.]

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