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THIS IS THE THICKER EARLIER EDITION – New Hard Cover – Fantastic Four Omnibus 1 (Super-size hardcover; 1-30, Annual 1; w Stan Lee; a Jack Kirby). [From Marvel Comics: They were visionaries. Explorers. Imaginauts. They were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. And like their creations – the Fantastic Four – they continually strove to overcome the impossible and achieve the extraordinary. Now, the first three years of their landmark run on FANTASTIC FOUR – issues #1-30 and Annual #1 – are collected in one oversized volume. This keepsake edition also includes all original letters pages and pinups, critical commentaries, a historical overview, and other DVD-style extras – and features the best-ever reproduction of FANTASTIC FOUR #1.] Book of the Week 6/22/05: [OK, so it’s hideously priced, and an FF Masterworks was BotW earlier, but this book is just too cool to overlook. Its 848 pages contain FF 1-30 plus Annual 1, almost a third of Lee & Kirby’s revolutionary run that helped redefine super-hero comics for generations to come. It comes complete with letter pages, plus extras. It’s printed in the Super-Size format. And it’s printed on matte-finish ivory paper, not the glossy white stuff that makes Marvel’s Silver Age Masterworks look so, well, garish. Considering that it’s only 2/3 what the relevant Masterworks would cost and can be found at a discount, even the price isn’t too bad. This book is history, and if you’ve been working out, you can hold history in your hands.]

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