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New tpb – Nightwing/Huntress (4-issue mini; w Devin Grayson; a Greg Land & Bill Sienkiewicz). [From DC Comics: One is a former acrobat whose life was changed by the death of his acrobat parents. The other is a troubled woman who became a crossbow-wielding vigilante after the violent death of her mob-boss father. Though they have a grudging respect for each other, the two heroes — Nightwing and the Huntress — have never had a particularly close relationship…until now! When an undercover cop is killed — apparently by a mob boss — the worlds of Nightwing and the Huntress collide in NIGHTWING/HUNTRESS, a 96-page collection of the 4-issue miniseries written by Devin K. Grayson (NIGHTWING), with stunning art from the unexpected collaboration of artists Greg Land (Sojourn, NIGHTWING) and Bill Sienkiewicz (SUPERMAN: DAY OF DOOM). As the two heroes approach the policeman’s brutal murder from very different angles — Nightwing looking for justice and the truth, Huntress looking for vengeance — they find that opposites really do attract. And an unexpected romantic development may distract them from the case at hand…with fatal results.]

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