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METAL HC (C: 0-0-1)
(W) Paul Alexander, Jerrold Brown (A) Butch Guice, Roman Surzhenko (CA) Butch Guice

(W) Jerrold E. Brown, Paul Alexander (A) Butch Guice, Roman Surzhenko
Elias, Ruler of the Huron Dynasty, is determined to unite his Empire and defeat the ominous alien forces known as Prime. Elias is betrayed and murdered. His life force is stuck inside his combat robot, giving it life. Can he unite his people, despite his metal form, and destroy Prime?

Item Code AUG101052
Stock # STK425520
ISBN-13/EAN 9781594651854
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Price Before Discount $29.95
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PREVIEWS Page # 292

Category Code 3
Genre Code SF
Brand Code XX
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FOC/OIC Date 5/12/2011
Est Ship Date 12/29/2010

Product Dimension 7×10
Pages 168
Color FC

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