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Marvel Knights Spider-Man – vol.4 Wild Blue Yonder ***OOP***


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Marvel Knights Spider-Man – vol.4 Wild Blue Yonder (13-18; w Reginald Hudlin; a Billy Tan, Steve McNiven). [From Marvel Comics: Hollywood heavyweight Reginald Hudlin has already brought you his vision for Black Panther. Now, he’s teaming up with red-hot artist Billy Tan to shake up everyone’s favorite web-slinger by turner Peter Parker’s life upside down. He’s got an incredible new pad (you won’t believe where), a new job and — although he doesn’t know it — a new nemesis who’s everythng Peter isn’t. But first Spider-Man’s got to deal with a more pressing problem — a shape-shifting super-villain who’s developed a nasty habit … and will do anything to feed it. And wait — who’s that hitting on Mary Jane?]

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