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New tpb – retail 14.99 – 3 Divine Time (13-18; w Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa; a Jim Muniz). [From Marvel Comics: In New York, it’s springtime — and business as usual for the FF, as they celebrate Franklin’s team making it to the Little League playoffs. But around the globe, the very fabric of time is unraveling. Minutes are vanishing from days, and objects from the past are materializing in the present. When these chronal anomalies start multiplying like a virus, Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny decide to slip into the timestream to investigate. For seasoned adventurers like the FF, it should be a walk in the park, right? Guess again. Plus: It’s good news all around — and not just for the FF, who have reclaimed their status as New York’s premier super-hero team, but for their friend and ally, Alicia Masters. After a lifetime of darkness, the blind sculptress’s eyesight has been restored by her father, Philip Masters — the seemingly reformed villain Puppet Master — but at what cost? Either all is as it seems…or darker forces are at work.] Book of the Week 7/13/05: 4 has been the outcast of the FF books. It doesn’t have the hype of the Millar-Bendis-Ellis-Millar Ultimate FF, or of the Waid-‘Ringo/JMS main book. But it has quietly established itself as a quality book on a more personal level, and with Divine Time, it takes it to another level, infusing its trademark ground-level family-values perspective with a storyline on a cosmic, epic scale. This time it’s the son (appropriately) of Kang who is causing the ruckus, and it’s the FF (and Franklin, and his little robot too) who must stop him. The second story (a 2-parter) is about the Puppet Master, seemingly reformed, coming up with a cure for Alicia’s blindness. Of course, there’s a price…

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