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New tpb – retail 14.99 – 8 The Wolf Beneath the Tree (45, 50-54; a Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly, P. Craig Russell and Ted Naifeh). [From DC Comics: Your wings are broken, angel. Your strength is failing. I am the furnace in which you will be unmade. I am your death. With the departure of God from His creation, all of existence now teeters on the edge of oblivion. In the absence of any divine guidance, the archangel Michael must find a way to stem the tide of destruction – and that means a visit to the only one who can know the future with any certainty: Destiny of the Endless. But whatever insight Michael gains from the cryptic Destiny, it cannot protect against the threat which has just awoken, hungry to fulfill the terrible dictates of its nature. Only Lucifer Morningstar can see what is coming to Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and what will happen at its roots when it arrives. The Hour of the Wolf is at hand, and its echoes may reach out to shake the foundations of Lucifer’s cosmos as well as our own. That, the Lightbringer will not allow.]

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