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New tpb – retail 14.99 – vol 7 Exodus (42-44, 46-49; a Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly). [From DC Comics: The throne is empty and we are orphans. What shall avail us now? So laments the Heavenly host, left behind by God to ponder His departure. For their elder brother Lucifer Morningstar, however, the disappearance of Yahweh brings to mind a more practical concern – survival, for both himself and, tangentially, God’s creation. With his mission to rescue the spirit of Elaine Belloc successfully completed, Lucifer finds himself forced to defend his Father’s legacy against a pair of would-be usurpers. Their assumption of Yahweh’s cast-off power makes this resistance especially daunting – so much so that Lucifer is moved to take preventative measures in his own universe. The result is an inescapable decree – all immortals must leave the worlds of the Lightbringer, or they will learn firsthand the meaning of mortality. Not everyone plans to go quietly.]

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