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Kiss – Vol.4 Unholy war


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New tpb – retail 9.99 – The Demon, Starchild, Beast King, and the Celestial have been working and fighting side-by-side through the ages. Now, these superpowered beings are putting everything on the line, and their differences aside, to save the future of humanity from the darkest of threats — the malevolent and terrifying entity known as The Unholy. It’s not going to be easy, especially now that they’re fighting the battle on The Unholy’s terms, and on his terrain — an apocalyptic other dimension where flying beasts lie in wait to attack, and there are no rules to the game, except those that will benefit his dark majesty. The world has never known a danger as real as The Unholy…then again, the world has never known heroes like KISS! Strap yourself in for a rockin’ rollercoaster of terror and triumph, as KISS battles the ultimate evil in KISS: Unholy War.

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