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JAYBIRD HC (C: 0-1-2)
(W) Jaakko Ahonen (A/CA) Lauri Ahonen
Disney meets Kafka in this beautiful, intense, original tale! Jaybird is the story of a very small and very scared little bird, who lives a lonely, isolated life in a great big house with his infirm mother. Curious but terrified of the world outside, he’s never been outside the house, and he will never leave if his mother has anything to say about it.

o Gorgeously painted, humorously melancholy modern fable for adults.
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Item CodeStock Status MAY140096Stock #STK644950ISBN-13/EAN978161655469951999Discount CodeVDCD P.O. Minimum10
Price Before Discount$19.99PREVIEWS Consumer Price $19.99PREVIEWS Page #71
Category Code 3Genre CodeFABrand CodeXXItem StatusStock Status In Stock FOC/OIC Date6/9/2014Est Ship Date9/3/2014Date Shipped9/3/2014
Product Dimension8x11CoverHPages128ColorFC

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