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New tpb – retail 14.99 – Howard the Duck (6-issue mini; w Steve Gerber; a Phil Winslade). [From Marvel Comics: Before it was a bad movie, Howard the Duck was a great comic book; now, the duck’s creator returns to chronicle the all-new adventures of Marvel’s misunderstood mallard! Scathing, timely and sexy, Howard the Duck was one of the most acclaimed comics of the ’70s, featuring savage satire and incisive characterization. Now, Marvel’s MAX line of mature-themed comics proudly presents the return of Howard and his girlfriend Beverly—as written by their creator, Steve Gerber, and reproduced from the pencil art of Phil Winslade (Daredevil), with a special guest-art appearance by Glenn Fabry (Preacher). Just as the original series dealt with the important matters of the day, the new Howard tackles the big issues—starting with that modern scourge: boy bands! And as Howard finds himself bizarrely transformed into a succession of other creatures, he and Bev coem up against an ancient mystical curse that’s oddly similar to a syndicated TV show and check in to the Boarding House of Mystery, where old comics go to die. It’s a manic trip through a world Howard never made… but has to live in anyway!]

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