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Hellboy – Vol.1 Seed Of Destruction


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New tpb – 17.99 retail – vol.1 Seed Of Destruction (4-issue mini; script John Byrne). [From Dark Horse Comics: When strangeness threatens to engulf the world, a strange man will come to save it. Hellboy, the world’s greatest paranormal investigator, is the only thing standing between sanity and insanity as he battles the mystical forces of the netherworld and a truly bizarre plague of frogs. And if he fails, we all fail with him! From “Collects “Hellboy: Seed of Destruction” from Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1-#4. Collects “Mike Mignola’s Hellboy” (the “Anubis” story) from San Diego Comic Con Comics #2. Collects “Mike Mignola’s Hellboy: World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator” (the “Brutus the Gorilla and the head of Herman Von Klempt” story) from The Comics Buyer’s Guide #1070 insert. Includes assorted story comments by Mike Mignola; Illustrative designs by Mike Mignola; Previous illustrations by Mike Mignola. Features pin-ups by Simon Bisley, Mike Allred, Art Adams, Frank Miller, Fred Blanchard, and Gary Gianni. Introduction by Robert Bloch.”]

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