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New tpb – Green Lantern Corps: Recharge (5-issue mini; w Dave Gibbons; a Patrick Gleason). [From DC Comics: Resuming their sacred duty to protect the populated worlds from the forces of evil, the Guardians of the Universe have re-formed the fabled Green Lantern Corps. Summoned to the planet Oa, the best and the brightest from across the universe find themselves chosen as members of the new Corps. Each is bestowed with the Guardians’ greatest creation to mark their status as Green Lanterns – specially crafted power rings that turn strength of will into reality. While veteran ring-bearers gladly return to duty, some new recruits resent being drafted against their will into a life they never expected. With tensions rising, the untrained Green Lanterns stumble onto a plan that threatens the very existence of the planet Oa and the Guardians themselves! Will the dream to restore the Green Lanterns to their former glory fail before it has even begun? And will the universe pay the ultimate price?]

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