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Eric Powell (W/A) and Dave Stewart (C)

Celebrate ten years of The Goon with this collection of two hilarious Goon stories and the Buzzard miniseries! This volume includes the landmark tenth-anniversary special and the riotous (and silent) One-Shot Wonder issue, plus a poignant adventure of the immortal Buzzard, wandering a desolate land after his confrontation with the Zombie Priest. Filled with equal parts comedy and misfortune, this collection serves as both an epilogue to the Goon Year epic and the beginning of the next chapter in the story of Lonely Street’s tragic protector!

Five-time Eisner Award-winning series!

“Every panel [is] gorgeously detailed, like a Max Fleischer cartoon if Cthulu spat some sort of hellish bile all over it. Few artists can actually, truly justify the purchase of a comic through their art alone, but Powell is certainly one of them.”

The Goon™ © 2010 Eric Powell.

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ISBN-13/EAN 978159582643551699
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FOC/OIC Date 12/7/2010
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Cover S
Size 7×10
Pages 136
Color FC
Caution Codes 1, 2
DCD P.O. Minimum 25
Series Frequency U

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