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New tpb – vol.2 Tag (6-10). [From DC Comics: Retired super-hero and current New York City Mayor Mitchell Hundred makes the most controversial decision of his political career. As the mayor’s administration deals with the fallout, a supernatural terror stalks the subways beneath Manhattan. What connection does this mysterious new threat have to Hundred’s past as the heroic Great Machine? This second volume of the critically acclaimed series collects GLAAD Award-nominated TAG story arc from issues 6-10.] U-Decide Book of the Week 9/8/05: An overwhelming majority of message-boarders voted this the Book of the Week. They have good taste. Brian Vaughan’s political drama about the world’s only super-hero’s career as mayor of New York City continues to impress with this arc about gay marriage and our hero’s origin—although it is typical of this series that the origin story is not an origin story but rather peeling back the first layers of what happened to make Mitch “The Great Machine.” Smart, complicated, and daring, Ex Machina’s rich cast of well-developed characters makes you forget that the hero almost never puts on a costume and fights crime.

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