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New tpb – retail 16.99 – Essential Spider-Man 8 (161-185, Annual 11, Giant-Size Spider-Man 6, Nova 12; w Bill Mantlo, Archie Goodwin, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Stan Lee; a Ross Andru, Sal Buscema, Jim Mooney, Tony DeZuniga, Don Perlin, Larry Lieber). [From Marvel Comics: Spider-Man is as amazing as ever against adversarial alumni like the Lizard and the Kingpin, as well as up-and-coming enemies such as Stegron and Jigsaw – with the lesser-known larcenies of the Big Wheel and the Spider-Squad to fill his spare time! Featuring the first appearances of Rocket Racer and Will O ‘the Wisp! Forgotten chapters from the Green Goblin legacy and the Clone Saga! Spider-Man’s origin and Peter Parker’s college graduation! And J. Jonah Jameson at his best and worst! Guest-starring the Punisher, Nova the Human Rocket, the Human Torch and the X-Men!]

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