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Daredevil – vol. 2 (1998) Parts of a Hole ***OOP***


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Retail 17.95 – vol.2 Parts of a Hole (9-15; w David Mack; a Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti). [David Mack, primarily known for writing and drawing his indy Kabuki books, turns to mainstream writing in this arc featuring a new potential love interest for Matt Murdock, the deaf neo-Elektra Echo. From Marvel Comics: Matt Murdock dwells in a world of eternal darkness, forever shut off from the visual world by a blinding childhood accident. Maya Lopez suffers from a sense-depriving condition all her own: a birth induced deafness that shrouds her in silence. Two individuals dealt unlucky hands, they have both transcended their disabilities in ways that defy reality. Though seemingly kindred souls, their secret identities are very much at odds. Maya seeks out her father’s killer, a man that Kingpin fingers as Daredevil! Can Matt clear his name before his new love becomes his executioner? Acclaimed writer/painter David Mack weaves a tale of dangerous liasons and forbidden romance that will change the Man Without Fear forever.]

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