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Danger Girl – Odd Jobs


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – Odd Jobs (Collects Hawaiian Punch, Viva Las Vegas, and Danger Girl Special; w J. Scott Campbell & Andy Hartnell; a Phil Noto, Art Adams, Joe Chiodo). [From DC Comics: Beautiful adventuress Abbey Chase and the rest of the Danger Girl team know that being international, top-secret spies also means doing a fair share of Odd Jobs in the battle for the greater good. As luck would have it, even vacations turn into non-stop adventures and every member of the agency has to be ready to jump into action no matter what they’re doing… or wearing! In Danger Girl: Hawaiian Punch, a simple, relaxing trip turns to trouble when DG ally Johnny Barracuda is kidnapped while attempting to thwart a scheme to take over the world – one amusement park at a time?! Prince Ako is using the Jewel of Eternity to steal the lives of his Las Vegas casino guest. Can Abbey and Sydney snag the Jewel before teenage computer whiz “Silicon” Valerie dies of old age? Viva Las Danger! When the Danger Girls go undercover as the Mod Bods, they get another chance to defeat their old enemy, the Peach. But as anyone who watched TV in the ’60s can tell you, when the villain traps you in a giant pie-crust, things look grim for the good gals! We all know that kids grow up too fast, but Val thinks she just needs to grow a little faster… Left behind from one mission too many, she has Delusions of Grandeur as a Danger Girl – savage-er than Sydney, bossier than Deuce, bustier than Abbey?]

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