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Concrete – Vol.3 Fragile Creature ***OOP***


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New tpb digest – retail 12.99 – vol.3 Fragile Creature (4-issue mini, short stories “Little Pushes,” “Fire at Twilight,” “Byrdland’s Secret,” “The Artistic Impulse,” “Burning Brightly, Brightly,” “Next Best,” and “The Gray Embrace”). [From Dark Horse Comics: When you’re seven-feet plus of walking, talking stone, you’re bound to draw the media spotlight, especially when you live in Tinseltown. Concrete’s celebrity status is sometimes a pain in the buttress . . . but it does bring the occasional paycheck gig. When the producer of a low-budget science-fiction film approaches Concrete to use his prodigious strength to help save money on the film’s FX budget, the siren call of Hollywood draws Concrete like a moth to a flame . . . a seven-thousand-dollar-a-week flame, that is.]

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