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CLOUD ORIGINAL GN HC (PRE-BUY) (O/A) (APR161358) (C: 0-1-2)
(W) K. I. Zachopoulos (A/CA) Vincenzo Balzano
What’s to Love: From Archaia, the publisher of fine fantasy stories like Mouse Guard and Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, comes a grand adventure story filled with unexpected allies and enemies alike. The Cloud is an original graphic novel that beautifully examines themes of strength, bravery, love, and loss. Fans of Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet or the beloved children’s fantasy The Never Ending Story will delight in The Cloud.

What It Is: “What is a wish?” That is the question the boy must answer for himself as he and his loyal wolf, Cloud, embark on a grand voyage to find the boy’s father and return the wish that was stolen from him. The Cloud is a beautiful, and at times, heartbreaking journey of a reluctant hero forced to outwit a cast of colorful characters: a thieving girl, bizarre creatures from the Great Before, and the Mad King. It’s a quest of self-discovery where the boy will learn that not all wishes can or should come true.
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Item CodeStock Status APR161358Stock #STL007213ISBN-13/EAN978160886725752499Discount CodeEDCD P.O. Minimum10
Price Before Discount$24.99PREVIEWS Consumer Price $24.99PREVIEWS Page #237
Category Code 3Genre CodeFABrand CodeXXOriginal Solicit Item CodeMAR168528 Item StatusStock Status In Stock FOC/OIC Date6/27/2016Est Ship Date7/20/2016Date Shipped7/20/2016
Product Dimension7x10CoverHPages144ColorFC

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