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Chronicles of Conan – Vol. 4 Red Nails & Other Stories


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New tpb – retail 15.99 – vol.4 Red Nails & Other Stories (23-26; Savage Sword 2-3; w Roy Thomas; a Barry Windsor-Smith, John Buscema).[22 was a reprint issue. From Dark Horse Comics: Volume four collects the end of Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith’s seminal run on Conan the Barbarian. As with any collaboration between two extremely talented artists, before their partnership on Conan came to an end, Thomas and Windsor-Smith were producing the finest work of their careers up to that point. Also included is the first issue of artist John Buscema’s run. Collecting issues 23 through 26 of the original Marvel series and material from the second and third issues of Savage Tales, originally published in the 1970s. As a bonus, this volume features Richard Isonove, colorist of Marvel’s Origin: The True Story of Wolverine and Neil Gaiman’s 1602, bringing to life Thomas and Windsor-Smith’s ultimate masterpiece, Red Nails.]

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