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Catwoman – Vol.1 Dark End of the Street


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – vol.1 Dark End of the Street (back-ups from Detective 759-762; Catwoman 1-4; w Ed Brubaker; a Darwyn Cooke & Mike Allred, Cameron Stewart). [From DC Comics:This kitten definitely has nine lives. Last seen at death’s door, Selina Kyle—Catwoman—has disappeared and is presumed dead. But the mysterious circumstances of her death draw the attention of a certain roughneck private eye: Slam Bradley! Slam finds himself on a trail filled with mystery and suspense that ultimately leads him to an unexpected surprise…Selina Kyle, alive! CATWOMAN: THE DARK END OF THE STREET is a 136-page trade paperback reprinting the backup stories from DETECTIVE COMICS 759-762 that found Slam on the trail of Selina, as well as the first four issues of the hit new CATWOMAN. Written by Ed Brubaker (BATMAN, SCENE OF THE CRIME), with art by Darwyn Cooke (CATWOMAN: SELINA’S BIG SCORE, Spider-Man’s Tangled Web) & Mike Allred (X-Force, Madman), this volume finds Slam’s discovery of Selina forcing her to make some hard choices. Will she stay in the shadows or move into the light to seek her destiny? At the crossroads, Selina Kyle resolves to land on her feet and reclaim the mantle of Catwoman! With a bold new look and a new lease on life, Catwoman returns to the streets that spawned her—only to find that the streetwalkers she calls friends are being preyed upon by a serial killer. But with Catwoman back in town, the tables are about to be turned!]

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