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New tpb – retail 19.99 – vol.3 Relentless (12-19 [11 is reprinted below] and story from Catwoman Secret Files 1; w Ed Brubaker; a Cameron Stewart, Javier Pulido). [From DC Comics: Triumph and tragedy are the name of the game in Catwoman: Relentless. The adventures of Selina Kyle, Catwoman, suddenly take a turn for the worse as she faces her most personally devastating moment – and all is suddenly lost. Catwoman has crossed the deadly and ruthless Black Mask, and now he is making her pay. Selina’s loved ones begin to meet terrible fates as she is forced to go on the offensive.] Book of the Week 1/5/05: [I’ve always disliked the slutty, hyper-sexualized Catwoman—until Ed Brubaker, Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Smith, and company got their paws on her. Suddenly, she became an exemplary modern heroine: sexy but not sexist, smart, strong, confident, and socially conscious. Paul Gulacy ruined the book for me, replacing its charm with sleaze, but this third (of a probable four) book in the pre-Gulacy Brubaker run, Relentless, shows the book at its peak, as Selina tries to become more involved in her hellish neighborhood, only to have the hell of the neighborhood strike back in appalling ways. The price of her victories, and the realistic depiction of their consequences, make the Brubaker Catwoman one of the best books in recent years.]

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