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Captain Marvel – vol.2 Coven


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – vol 2 Coven (7-12; w Peter David; a Ivan Reis, Kyle Hotz). [From Marvel Comics: Karl Coven is a serial killer sentenced to die for his crimes, and Rick Jones the star witness in the prosecution’s case. Claiming to be an alien not subject to our laws, Coven’s argument is dismissed, but he gets the last laugh by promptly returning back to life immediately after his death sentence is executed. When a loophole in the legal system requires Coven to be set free, he comes to the attention of Captain Marvel, who’s intrigued by the mysterious figure not only because of his apparent resurrection and immunity to Genis’ Cosmic Awareness, but by the peculiarities of the judicial system that let the killer go free. Rather than annihilate Coven, he suggests that they become the law: Coven to be prosecution, and Marvel to be judge.]

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