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Captain America – Winter Soldier 2 ***OOP***


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – Winter Soldier 2 (8-9, 11-14; w Ed Brubaker; a Steve Epting, Michael Lark). [From Marvel Comics: The questions plaguing Captain America’s dreams and memories have been answered in the most brutal way possible. And in the wake of this brutality, General Lukin makes his first all-out assault — tearing open old wounds and threatening to make new scars that will never heal!] Book of the Week 5/17/06: In this politically charged time, when Americans are virtually at war with each other over what America means, for Ed Brubaker to make Captain America matter again is impressive. In any time, for Brubaker to bring Bucky back without sucking is miraculous. Brubaker was impressive at DC/Wildstorm, but playing with Marvel’s toys he has elevated his game to a new level. His CA eschews politics for a solid thriller, with a slowly growing and solid supporting cast, lots of SHIELD, great villains—the book hasn’t been this good in years, or decades, if not ever. Between this and Daredevil, Brubaker is firmly entrenched in the first rank.

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