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CAGE HERO TP (MAY161393) (C: 0-1-2)
D. E.
(W) Kevin Eastman & Various (A/CA) Renato Rei
Ryder Stone, a high school student and wrestling sensation, discovers his true destiny when he’s recruited to join a super-powered team of mixed martial artists! Heir to one of eight medallions forged from a radioactive meteorite, he trains with his mysterious mentor Doc Proton for the day when, with focus and resolve, he and his new friends must harness the power to become the next generation of Cage Heroes. However, an evil network known as the Shadow Empire, led by the megalomaniacal Dark Sanctum and his vicious protégé Stryker, seeks the medallions for an evil purpose: to wield in unison, plunging the world into darkness. Only by unlocking the hero within can Ryder and his teammates save civilization as we know it!
Cage Hero, the perfect blend of superhero action and mixed martial arts, makes its explosive debut, from the minds Kevin Eastman (co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), former UFC manager and MMA expert Ian Parker, and MMA personality Mark Mastrandrea! Bonus materials include character designs by Renalto Rei, and an introduction ny Mike Straka, MMA journalist and host of MMA Noise.
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Item CodeStock Status MAY161393Stock #STL005791ISBN-13/EAN978152410000151499Discount CodeEDCD P.O. Minimum1
Price Before Discount$14.99PREVIEWS Consumer Price $14.99PREVIEWS Page #350
Category Code 3Genre CodeSHBrand CodeXXOriginal Solicit Item CodeJAN168144 Item StatusStock Status In Stock FOC/OIC Date6/20/2016Est Ship Date7/6/2016Date Shipped7/6/2016
Product Dimension7x10CoverSPages112ColorFC

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