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Cable & Deadpool – Vol.2 The Burnt Offering


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – vol.2 The Burnt Offering (7-12; w Fabian Nicieza; a Patrick Zircher). [From Marvel Comics: A floating city promises hope for humans and mutants alike! But if Cable plans to be Earth’s Savior, will Deadpool accept the role of Judas? Marvel Universe guest stars! Intrigue! Adventure! Big flying fists and loose-lips fun! Plus: The traumatic, tragic and tantric events of “The Burnt-Offering” have left Cable… well, “regurgitated” comes close to summing it up — now Deadpool has to save the day! Even if it means confronting his fear of very BIG-headed villains! And the challenge of finding someone who can fix technology from thousands of years in the future. Someone who fixes things. Mmm…who is the best fixer in the Marvel Universe? If that guest star isn’t much of a surprise, we guarantee Deadpool fans will drool when we reveal the BIG head… er…. uh… villain trying to stop him!]

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