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by Warren Ellis & Juan Jose Ryp
Warren Ellis’ eight-issue opus of masked hero revolution, Black Summer, complimented by the stunning and explosive art of Juan Jose Ryp, is nothing less than a sequential masterpiece. The world goes black in this story of super-powered heroes and villains. When the political situation in the United States becomes more than Horus can stand, and he moves to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, not all of his other team-mates are quite so eager to throw the world into chaos, and an epic conflict forms. With Horus and the rest of the surviving Guns facing off against the military and each other, no one is safe as the bodies start to fall!

ISBN 1592910521 Cover S
UPC Color FC
Stock # STK374905 Pages
Item Code JUL083705 (E) Size 7×10
SRP $24.99 (US)

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