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Black panther – vol.1 The Client ***OOP***


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – vol 1 The Client (1-5; w Christopher Priest; a Mark Texiera, Vince Evans). [From Marvel Comics: The King is dead… For untold generations the Black Panther kings of the African nation of Wakanda have ruled their people through an unprecendented period of peace and prosperity. But when T’Challa became king, the Wakandans learned of the world outside their nation – and the rest of the world learned of the amazing riches to be found in Wakanda. Since that day, King T’Challa has fought alone against those who would plunder his people and nation. Along the way, he has forged a life as a king, warrior, and sometimes superhero. Now a different king hungers after the Black Panther’s Kingdom – a king of hell itself. And T’Challa must protect not only his people’s homeland… but their very souls.] The title (“The Client”) appears only inside the book.

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