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New tpb – Hush 1 (608-613; w Jeph Loeb; a Jim Lee). [From DC Comics: Every so often a writer and an artist pair up to tell a story and their collaboration makes magic. Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee are one such team, and their fresh approach to the monthly adventures of the legendary Batman elicited unanimous praise and unparalleled sales success. But it was not just two Big Names working together. It was the story they chose to tell. In Volume One of Batman: Hush, the Dark Knight Detective is challenged by several of his familiar rogues (such as the monstrous Killer Croc), but something’s amiss. As he pieces together the clues, he learns of Poison Ivy’s latest gambit. Suddenly, he finds himself paired with the morally ambiguous Catwoman and pitted against his old ally Superman. And someone is watching all the events unfold. The five chapters reprinted here tell a story of friendship and betrayal that spans both Bruce Wayne’s life and Batman’s career. As individual comics, they were best-sellers. Now, collected for the first time, they form the first act in a year-long epic.]

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