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Authority – Vol.5 Harsh Realities


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Retail 14.99 – vol.5 Harsh Realities (0-5; w Robbie Morrison; a Dwayne Turner, Tan Eng Huat, Sal Regla, Sandra Hope). [From DC Comics: The Authority was formed to fight the fights that no one else could. To set wrongs to right. To build a finer world. Now, further exploits of this controversial team are collected in THE AUTHORITY: HARSH REALITIES, a 144-page Eye of the Stormtrade paperback featuring the explosive first story arc of the new ongoing series (presented in issues #1-4) as well as the stand-alone issues #0 and 5! In this explosive collection, writer Robbie Morrison and artists Dwayne Turner, Tan Eng Huat, Sal Regla, and Sandra Hope put our heroes through some of their most fiendish adventures yet. From a rogue dimension bent on destroying the planet as part of an elaborate gamble, to an interdimensional corporation that has been strip-mining other realities, the Authority have their hands full like never before!]

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