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Authority – Vol.4 Transfer of Power ***OOP***


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Retail 17.99 – vol.4 Transfer of Power (22-29; contains arcs “Brave New World” and “Transfer of Power”). [“Transfer of Power” was a fill-in arc commissioned after one issue of “Brave New World” had appeared to buy time when Frank Quitely abruptly left the book in mid-issue to draw the New X-Men. It concerns a replacement Authority group created by the government. “Brave New World” resumed after “Transfer” ended, but was disrupted again when Quitely’s replacement, Art Adams, quit in disgust after two issues, due to what he considered heavy-handed censorship by DC. This time, the book was merely delayed. From DC Comics: Just when the Authority is at the height of their power, in the blink of an eye they are shattered and defeated. Taking their place is a new team with the same powers, looking vaguely similar, but possessing none of the original team’s empathy, kindness, and humanity. How could this happen? And what was the fate of the original team’s members? All questions are answered in this fourth trade paperback collecting THE AUTHORITY #22-29.]

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