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New Hardcover – retail 49.99 – Adam Strange Archives 1 (Showcase 17-19, Mystery in Space 53-65; w Gardner Fox; a Mike Sekowsky, Carmine Infantino). [From DC Comics: Born in 1958 in the midst of the space race, DC’s science-fiction hero Adam Strange captured the imagination of a new generation of comics readers! Now, those classic Silver Age tales are revisited in ADAM STRANGE ARCHIVES Vol. 1, a 224-page hardcover collecting stories from SHOWCASE #17-19 and MYSTERY IN SPACE #53-65! These issues were written by Gardner Fox and feature the pencils of Mike Sekowsky and Carmine Infantino, with inks by Bernard Sachs, Joe Giella and Murphy Anderson. This volume, which features a cover by Gil Kane & Sachs, also includes an introduction by longtime inker and Alter Ego magazine contributor Jim Amash. Adam Strange was an archaeologist working in South America who was whisked away by a Zeta-Beam to the futuristic planet Rann that circled the star Alpha Centauri. There, the displaced Earthman began a string of adventures that found him bouncing back and forth between his normal life on Earth and defending Rann from bizarre menaces all at the whim of the Zeta-Beam!]

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