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6 Scarab


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New tpb – retail 19.99 – vol.6 Scarab (Scarab 1-8; a Rick Mays). [From Image Comics: She is the bastard child of a head Noh Assassin and a Geisha – her mother murdered and her face horribly scarred by a dishonored half-brother. She wears the mask of a Kabuki to hide the scars, both internal and external, from the world. This Issue: Kabuki:Scarab picks up right where Kabuki: Metamorphosis left off and answers all the mysteries left dangling from that series. And Scarab is still a self-contained story, so even new readers can start with it. More than the original issues, this handsome 256 page archival hardcover includes a gallery of covers (including the Quesada variant), new pin ups, sketches and character designs, embossed cover, a brand new dust jacket painting by David Mack, and an insightful introduction by Paul Pope.]

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