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3 Divided Loyalties


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New TPB – retail 19.95 – 3 Divided Loyalties (15-21; w Ron Marz; a Rob Hunter, Andrea di Vito, Jim Cheung, Don Hillsman II). [From CrossGen Comics: Ancient hatreds flared to life again when Prince Ethan inadvertently plunged his techno-medieval world into war. Now, as the battle between the rival Heron and Raven kingdoms rages, Ethan is on the run. Having narrowly escaped death at the hands of Raven King Bron, Ethan ventures north accompanied by Ashleigh, Bron’s sister. Awaiting him on the journey are an encounter with the inhuman bounty hunter Exeter, disturbing evidence of man’s utter inhumanity, a fabulous undersea city and a deepening relationship with Ashleigh. More than that, Ethan will discover himself, and face a decision that will determine not only his fate, but that of his entire world.]

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